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This project began when I realized that despite trying many fantastic note-taking apps, I often defaulted to dumping notes into chat apps like Slack or iMessage. I wanted to bring that effortless “text yourself” note-taking experience to a dedicated note-taking app.

Originally developed as a macOS app, Strflow is now also available for iOS. Strflow is designed to make note-taking as quick and intuitive as possible, centered around a chronological timeline UI.

Here are some of its features:

* Tag system

* Rich editor with text formatting, images, and note linking

* Global shortcuts for quick access

* Share extension

* Encrypted iCloud backup & synchronization (becomes end-to-end encryption if you enable iCloud’s Advanced Data Protection)

Hope you find Strflow interesting. I’m happy to answer any questions.

## Some implementation details some of you might be interested in:

* The app is implemented natively using Swift.

* On macOS, it’s based on AppKit, and on iOS, it uses UIKit, with SwiftUI used partially.

* The editor intensively utilizes TextKit.

* The sync engine is custom-built using CloudKit.